Adam Rikys: Love what you doAdam Rikys: Love what you do


April 26, 2018

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Words: Lucy Brock
Photos: Adam Rikys

Adam Rikys has designed his life with intention, to help others find their inner spark. He’s made a living by telling stories, producing content and capturing the world’s most diverse and extraordinary places. We caught up with Adam to find out what a life dedicated to travel really means and how his experiences have influenced his personal lens on life.

You making a living telling stories, how did you get there? What motivated you to pursue this lifestyle?

It’s a dream job that didn’t come easy and still doesn’t come easy, but it’s a path of immense freedom with lots of experiences that send my gratitude reader off the charts.

What drove me and still holds true to basically everything I do is that I love to try and create a spark in others that promotes action leading to positive change. Not just travel but anything in life that they’re trying to achieve or manifest. My purpose has always centred around the pursuit to inspire and enable others. The most satisfying part of my job is helping one of our creators achieve something on their bucket list or helping a brand partner hit their targets. It helps so much with my accountability and motivation knowing that everything I do is bigger than just me. As well as the business side of things I’m trying to find ways to give more energy to my friends and family. For me finding a nice balance between the two is a key catalyst for happiness and fulfilment.

Snow highway
  1. Snow highway.
Snow highway_Sweden to Finland
  1. On the way to Finland from Sweden. Photo credit @taylorosullivan.
How did you manage to dedicate your life to travel?

I think on a macro level I have managed to dedicate and sustain a life of travel and experiences through training myself to be very comfortable with very little. This has given me the freedom and flexibility to keep pursuing my love for travel and filmmaking through all the ebbs and flows associated with trying to create a dream job.

My penny drop moment came on my first ever trip when I quickly realised I was a much better version of myself when I was exploring new places, experiencing new things and learning. I became addicted to putting myself in this type of environment as often as possible. I believe your environment and the people you surround yourself with are strongly related to your ability to make good decisions.

“It helps so much with my accountability and motivation knowing that everything I do is bigger than just me.”

Tell us about Bucket Vision…

Bucket Vision started off as bucket list app, which serves as a tool to help remind people of what’s important. It came about because I wanted to create a community of people that could lift each other up through positivity and help each other achieve goals.

It has now evolved into a magazine, digital agency and production company. On the commercial side of things, we make and distribute content for major airlines, tourism boards and luxury hotels. On the brand side of things, it’s all about promoting positive change in people and environments through experiences and travel.

Tell us about your latest adventure to Finland, what was the experience like?

One big-ticket item that has been on my bucket list forever has been to see the Northern Lights. I organised a trip there to get some content for Bucket Vision and experience the magic of the Arctic Circle.

We were fortunate to see the Northern Lights multiple times but I was equally blown away by other natural elements of the area. The fact that it is perpetual ‘golden hour’ meaning the sun stays low throughout the whole day producing a beautiful soft light is a filmmaker and photographers dream. Sunrises and sunsets literally last for hours and because of the ice crystals in the air you get vertical rainbows!

Northern Lights Ranch
  1. Northern Lights Ranch.

“Travel has allowed me to interact with people from all walks of life and practise patience on a regular basis.”

  1. The Arctic Circle, captured by Adam Rikys.

“Nature to me is energy. It’s uplifting and inspirational.”

Tree Hotel
  1. Tree Hotel, Sweden.
Tell us a little about goal setting, why is it important, how has it influenced the way you experience life?

I love to experiment with goal setting and try different tools and techniques to help bring dreams to life. It’s important to me because it’s given me a life that I’m so incredibly proud of and I want others to experience the same type of fulfilment. I don’t think there’s any magic formula. I think people just need to figure out what works for them and their situation. I honestly think goal setting is just like any craft, if you dedicate time and energy to experimenting with different techniques you will be shocked by the ROI. There is so much free goal setting knowledge available for people if they just look.

One technique that I love lately is a daily forced visualization technique. It’s kind of like meditating but you can do it anywhere, anytime - in the shower, driving the car, walking down the street. Basically you just visualize as clear as possible yourself achieving whatever you want to achieve for a few minutes then you start working backwards on the timeline and start to identify action steps that will lead you there. Eventually you trace it all the way back to the present day and give yourself something you can do that day to get you closer to that goal. Consistent daily reminders of what’s important, combined with daily action steps has worked wonders for me.

How has travel changed your perspective? What have you learnt about yourself, about the world, about life?

Travel has allowed me to interact with people from all walks of life and practise patience on a regular basis. My main perspective shift I would say would be around the importance I now place on gratitude, generosity, community and purpose.
I’m trying to find ways to strengthen these pillars of my life every day.

Have you had to make some big sacrifices along the way?

Yes I’ve definitely sacrificed financial security and the ability to connect with friends on a regular basis. I just strongly feel if I stay true to my vision I’ll naturally attract the things that I’m sacrificing in the building phase.

Is there one thing you absolutely live by?

I’ve got lots of different life mantras that I apply to different situations but one I’m trying to apply right now is inspired by something that Will Smith.

"Every single human interaction we have is an opportunity to bring light and joy into another persons life. From your uber driver to the person that makes your morning coffee to your loved ones that you see everyday. It’s up to you how you show up."

Northern Lights Ranch
  1. Northern Lights Ranch.
  1. Lofoten, Norway
Minimalism is important to you, why?

For me it represents freedom and the ability to be nimble but it also helps with efficiency. I find with less stuff, it streamlines your daily decision making process so you can get on with the things you need to do a lot faster.

Lastly, what does nature mean to you?

Nature to me is energy. It’s uplifting and inspirational. Spending time in nature helps me make good decisions and it helps me to tell good stories.

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