Anna Frost: Connection to natureAnna Frost: Connection to nature

Words: Marie Knowles
Film: icebreaker

February 20, 2019

International ultra-runner Anna Frost is about to take on arguably her biggest challenge yet: motherhood. We recently caught up with her in her homeland of New Zealand to find out more about how she connects with nature, her hopes for the future and her journey so far through pregnancy.

You’re a role model for young women through your work with Sisu Girls and beyond. What do you feel is important to pass on to the next generation?

That we can all be role models for the young people (boys and girls) in our world. We have to show them and encourage them to try hard over and over again, to explore and adventure their true potential, to respect and enjoy our nature. We need to pass on honesty, being genuine, compassion and kindness.

You’re currently pregnant with your first child. How are you preparing for motherhood?

I am embracing the journey of pregnancy, enjoying every minute of this life-changing process even when the fatigue or heartburn, night cramps and body differences take over. I have accepted that I am going very much into the unknown but I am surrounded by so many empowered and empowering women, men, mums, dads, friends and family that I am excited to learn as we go.

How has being pregnant impacted on your training?

Training has definitely changed to accepting a slower pace and a lot more rest. Walking, yoga, bodyweight/lightweight exercises, breathing, paddleboarding, kayaking and reading have been my training essentials. It has been a lot easier than I thought to give up the idea of racing and hard training. After 15 years of racing it is nice to take a big break and focus on growing this little human, while caring for my body and mind as kindly as possible.

You’ve spoken about your strong connection to nature. How has pregnancy had an effect on that connection?

I spend a lot of time connecting to nature; gardening, walking, watching the waves at the beach, listening to the birds chirp and sing, moving with the tides and weather. And it is that connection I want to continue to share with my family forever. It is our place to learn, to experience, to adventure and enjoy, and I’m sure she will grow up understanding and feeling that too.

What are your hopes and dreams for the next five years?

I want to give as much experience and adventure to this little one as possible. It is also important to me to keep fueling my need for adventure and I can’t wait to do this together as a family. I’m sure that will include some races around the world and some fast-packing closer to home (NZ and Colorado). I hope that more and more young people are inspired to explore their own land with respect and care, with confidence and energy to grow. I hope that we all take on the job of role models and encourage young, old, friends and family to do the same.